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Territory of Yoga campaign

With a dedicated team of partners, we developed a photography campaign showcasing the client's new collection in collaboration with mehendi artist Veronica Krasovska.


Campaign curation and production


Territory of Yoga



Capture One Catalog54327.jpg

Flesh-coloured TERRITORY OF YOGA unitards serve as a canvas for unique ornaments and mehendi-style symbols, as brand founder Svetlana Maslennikova invited a famed Kyiv-based artist Veronica Krasovska to create prints for her collection in 2018.

The brand’s statement garment – the stirrup unitard–combines elegance and functionality for any kind of activity, even beyond the yoga mat. 

Therefore, we turned to the athletic and beautiful Tos Tosin and ballerina Sonia Mohova to model the capsule collection.

Capture One Catalog54547_2.jpg
Capture One Catalog53874.jpg

The team

Photographer: Ksenia Kargina

Style: Anna Shvets

Models: Tos Tosin, Sonia Mohova

MUA: Marusya Zadorozhnaya

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